In this Proclaimer (or "Disclaimer") the following terms shall have the following meanings:

"Etixx": Etixx Sports NV having its corporate seat at Lembergsesteenweg 29, B-9820 Merelbeke, registered under enterprise number (BTW-BE) 0667779672.

"Buyer": any natural person (B2C) or legal person (B2B) that is in a contractual relationship, of any nature whatsoever, with Etixx or will enter into such a relationship.

"Sports food and sports food supplements": the object of one or more purchase agreements.

1. What is a proclaimer?

Etixx believes that correct information is very important. In that way we have no "disclaimer" at Etixx, but we do have a "proclaimer". The difference? We do not hide behind legal jargon. On the other hand we do want to ensure a complete and faultless online experience.

2. What may I expect from the Etixx website?

You may therefore expect from Etixx that the available information (texts, images, promotions, products, documents, links, code) and functions (adding classifieds, placing offers) are up-to-date and reliable. Naturally the documents serve as general information.

Although Etixx does whatever it can to ensure the correctness of the website and makes all possible efforts for the purpose, no liability or obligation to produce a result may be inferred from erroneous or incomplete information.

3. I have noticed an error or omission on the website!

After any report of incorrect data Etixx will make suitable amendments or corrections within 15 working days, or remove all or part of the information. The User who uncovered the erroneous data will be informed of this.

Have you seen erroneous or incomplete data yourself? Mail to info@etixxsports.com.We appreciate your help!

4. Are there intellectual property rights to the website, texts, images, documents and/or code?

Registrations:BNL 840325 / 845058 / 846882 / 847221EUR 11794765INT 1016579

All information offered, in any form whatsoever (text, images, brand names, logos, promotions, products, code, documents such as PDF, WORD, and others) are copyrighted by operation of the law, so that the information may not be reproduced or communicated without Etixx's prior and written (which may also be digital) permission. Etixx is also the holder of international trademark rights. Other intellectual property rights may also apply.

5. Can I use the Etixx logo?

Intellectual property rights also include trademark rights such as Benelux and European registrations, industrial design rights and/or other (intellectual) property rights, including technical and/or commercial know how, methods and concepts, whether or not patentable.

You cannot simply use Etixx's logo or name. If you want to obtain (written) permission, you must contact us (see title 1).

6. What about links to other sites on the Etixx website?

URLs (or links) that are included on the website or other electronic communication portals that are not under Etixx's actual control may be clicked and visited by the User entirely under his or her own responsibility.

7. Confidential nature + applicable law

As stipulated in our general conditions any communication with us will be treated confidentially. Belgian law is applicable.

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